Secure Server

To keep your site safe we have a secure server that is constantly monitored by a 3rd party service and have security measures installed on your site to keep unwanted guests out.

Automatic Backup

All of our sites are automatically backed up and should your site ever go down due to a scheduled update, a backup will automatically restore to the point before the update.

Up-time Monitoring

We use an up-time monitoring system that will automatically let us know if your site goes down. We can then quickly find whatever problem there was and resolve it.

Our Process

What To Expect

As a web hosting services provider we know that website hosting affects many parts of your website. However, we try to make it simple. Because of this Inflated Design focus's on security, performance, and the uptime of our sites. Our third party service monitors all websites on our server for these features and more. There is always a backup on standby ready to launch if there is ever a problem on your site.

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